Friday, April 3, 2015

An Example Of WHY You Need To Journal As Soon As You Wake Up

   It's not that fucking difficult to set aside some god damn time in the morning to jot down a few notes about what you dreamt last night you lazy asshole.

   Still reading? Okay. I can work with whoever stays after reading that. Besides, that was mostly for me anyway.

   For the past week I've put my focus on dream recall again and with it has come a handful of dreams. Every dream I've had I found some strange way to remember. Typically you can recall most of a dream if you can remember one part because, like a piss poor quality sweater, if you pull at the thread that you do remember the other parts will eventually be pulled out. Most of us have experienced this when something reminds us of our dream and it all comes flooding back. I explain that because when I'm rushing to get ready for work I have to find a way to remember the dream until I can scribble something down later. The method I've come up with is using some keyword or words to anchor my dream to so I can use the keyword/words to tug out the rest. What has been especially helpful is using Serbian (my wife's native tongue) to create these anchors.

   Of course, everything has it's limits. I had two dreams well held in my brain from the end of last week and early part of this week. Multiple times in a day I would make sure to recall as much as I could. Around 5 days out you really start to lose everything. Now all I have is brief glimpses and a few vague sceneries. The rest is forgotten dreams. A shame...

   I knew what I was doing when I delayed writing them and now I pay the price of lost dreams. Doesn't seem like much but any opportunity to observe a dream from the waking world gives you a better perception of the world around you and gives you that much more of a chance of catching yourself in a dream.

   My failure has only strengthened my desire to master lucid dreaming. Last year I had made such progress in my dreams. I have a handful of scribbled dreams where I do many things from jumping through portals (yes, like Chell), transforming into a dragon (well, halfway...) and I almost got inside of the Tardis. That's not to mention the conversation I had with the Doctor himself or being on a battlefield with a magic wand casting Stupefy! left and right. But I'll recount those dreams later...

   You'd think after all of that progress I'd keep going, but no. Life has a way of forcing your attention on other things. Priorities, the mature people call them.

   All of this leads up to what you're reading now. I had to create a place to record these dreams after I write them. It makes me go over what I've dreamt and I can add commentary to it as well. Maybe even find some meaning or common denominators that will help me identify some dream signs. I plan on going into different lucid dream techniques, meditations and different experiments later on. Plus much, much more.

   Until then, dream on radical dreamers.

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