Friday, April 17, 2015

Can dreaming be your vehicle to enlightenment?

   A little over a year ago, when I was having two lucid dreams or so a week, I was beginning to dabble with experiments. I'd read a book from a scientist whose name I've long forgotten who had used his lucid dreams to interrogate his unconscious mind. It's a fascinating idea really. One could literally grab a dream character and ask questions about oneself and, in theory, one's unconscious mind would respond. In reality anything that doesn't come from "me" in my dream can only come from my unconscious mind anyway, right?

   The book was fascinating. He explained that you can literally just ask the dream in general. Just voice your question out loud and direct it to the dream itself. Apparently a loud booming voice would answer him back almost as if it were God speaking. Of course, this experience was probably unique unto him, but it did inspire me to look into different experiments for my lucid dreams.

   Like I explained in previous posts it has been a while since I've fallen off my lucid dream practice. I'm not someone who just naturally lucid dreams. I have to work for it. Now that my life has become a bit more stable it's been my mission to get back on track. Getting back into the habit of meditating and reality checking myself were both the first step. The second was creating this blog to keep me motivated. Deciding which way to go after this was hard because until I start lucid dreaming again it's not easy to come up with material.

   But then I remembered that I have loads of material already. My old dreams! I did a good job of keeping a dream journal before and some dreams are down right unforgettable. After re-reading some of my old journal entries I was reminded of the book above and remembered a few experiments I had ran in my own dreams that I'd like to share even if it's just with this blog.

   As with most dreams this one starts with me realizing I'm dreaming. I don't remember what I was doing before that but I did know I was in a city walking the streets. Immediately I go through the normal routine of running through the streets manipulating objects with my mind, throwing cars about like a Jedi and jumping long distances through the air. It usually takes me a couple minutes of this before I settle down and try to do something of meaning. Once I do settle I remember what my dream goal was for the night. I was going to meditate in my dream.

   In the instant I decided to do this my point of view changed. This wasn't by choice. It was as if my vision was coming from a camera within the dream and switched from first person looking forward to 6 feet or so in front of me looking back at myself. Then I watched as the background made up of streets and buildings slowly dissolved and my legs pulled up into a half lotus position (rather than me sitting down, my legs came up as if suspended by an unknown force) and my hands moved into a standard mudra. A second or so after my body was in my full meditative position a flash of the most intense white light engulfed my entire vision and in a flash I woke up in my bed gasping for air.

   This was one of the most intense experiences I've had dreaming. I'm not sure what it means but I'm open to someone's interpretation. In a lot of books on Buddhism I've come across the idea of clear white light but I can't get a good idea of how it is related in this instance. Though I'm not one for dream interpretation as a broad subject I do believe you can find meaning in your own dreams. A lot of the time I can get something but with this I'm at a loss.

   Anyway, that's all for now.

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